Defend yourself against Street Attack’s

06 May

Some of us, if not many have already experienced an attack outside. And other’s may be a victim of an attack one day.  Hopefully not! No one should be waiting until it happens to them before they decide to take lesson’s to prevent it from happening again.

I’ve personally have been in more than 3 street attacks. 2 of which were group attack’s.  Thank god I’ve been taking karate lesson’s and did wrestling for a few year.  I’ve taken a few seminar’s from Knife to multiple attackers to verbal argument.  All instructor’s have said the same thing, “don’t make the situation work!”

Sensei Alan Romero is an amazing instructor. I’ve learned my knife self defenses and street attack self defenses through him.  I just wish I’ve known what I know now when I was attacked.  Now I feel more confident and more alert about what is going on around me; for instance: If someone asked me for the time at 2:00 am in the morning (night-time), I  would consider myself am an idiot for replying. Or if someone asks you if you speak english, or if you have $ so i can get my baby some milk? don’t answer, RUN the other way. Who doesn’t have a phone, or a watch on them now a days? These type of questions are a welcoming sign to an attack waiting to happen.

This is such a small thing, however, it had saved me from a few encounters.

On Friday, May 13th 2011, Sensei Alan Romero will be teaching a Street Attack’s Self Defense Seminar at AmeriKick Staten Island. The address is 341A Sand Lane, Staten Island NY 10305. The seminar begins at 7:15pm and ends at 8:45pm. The Fee is $25 per person, $20 each for 2 or more friends/family members. Wear comfortable clothes (no karate uniform.

Every adult is encouraged to make this event. Do it for yourself, and do it for the people who love you.  This seminar is open to the public, invite your husband, wife, kids (ages 13+) please, co workers, bosses, etc.

Call 718.524.0244 to reserve your spot. You can visit our website: to take self-defense classes. Please leave a reply with your comment’s. You are encouraged to Share this post with your friends and family.


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