How to Prevent Child Abduction

19 Jul

Due to the tragic incident in Brooklyn, AmeriKick Martial Art School in Staten Island is hosting a Kidnapping Prevention seminar. It is open to the public and it is free. Please call in advance to reserve your kid(s) spots on the floor. We will be covering: who to talk to, family passwords, how important it is to do what parents tell them to do, who to trust, whether or not to get into a car/house and so much more.

Kids are very gullible and are easily persuaded. This is due to lack of knowledge when it comes to situations where they are confronted by elders that they may or may not know. For instance, a boy has his name on his t-shirt and a elderly man/woman comes up and says “Hi Timmy (name on shirt), your mom asked me to pick you up from school today, I’m your uncle bobby” or something like it. If it is persuasive enough for the child, they may go with them. If you gave him a password such as a code-word/phrase, for example: “fire started” etc., this incident may have been prevented. However, if the boy was taught this, he realized that the man/woman is an imposter.. now what? What will he do? Tell a teacher, run into a store and yell for help from the staff, call 911 if he has a phone etc.

There is a lot a child needs to know to be safe when parents are not around. Please pick up the phone and call to reserve your spot at the Kidnapping Prevention Seminar.

Date: Saturday July 30, 2011

Location: 341-A Sand Ln. Staten island, N.Y. 10305

Phone #: (718) 524-0244


Time: ages 5-6 11:30am

Time: ages 7-12 12:15pm

Child Safety

Community Event


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