Back to School # 1 Activity for Kids and Teens

24 Aug

As the Fall Season approaches, parents are preparing their children for a new school year. A big decision among parents is “What extracurricular activity will I put my child in?” Choices range from seasonal activities such as arts/music classes, sports and so on. The Problem with this is, children begin to get tired, lazy and find excuses not to go the distance and finish. On top of their daily worry of bullies, peer pressure and “too much homework”, it’s very easy to find them falling into depression and lack of motivation. It’s time for a change!

One of many parent’s goals is to keep their children busy. Some parents do not realize that adding a sport or class will only add stress and make it harder for them. Children need an activity that not only keeps them physically healthy but focused and disciplined, inside and outside of the activity. Sports are great for the body, but don’t stress the importance of discipline outside of the sport. Music and art classes allow the child to express themselves and condition their mind, but not their bodies. Karate offers not only physical health, but instills the discipline, respect and focus every child needs to help them in all aspects of life. Focus in school, respect of themselves and their elders, and confidence to help them achieve any and all goals.

Unfortunately more than half of sports start after school begins and finish before school ends.

Often, parents begin to create doubt and excuses as to why they should or should not enroll their kids into a karate program. A majority of all illnesses begin and arrive from stress. Karate teaches how to manage and control stress, anger, anxiety and so much more. All the Doctor visits and medication for treatments for anger management, attention deficit disorder and or hyperactive attention deficit disorder can equal very high bills with sometimes decent results. What is the alternative? Have your child enrolled into a life time of karate training that teaches them how to be a good person, almost stress free, confident, motivated and prepare them for what life has to offer. Many doctors strongly suggest karate as the treatment for many child disorders. It is the #1 natural cure for kids.

Can soccer, baseball, basketball, football and other seasonal sports treat all symptoms? Maybe one or two, then again how long will it last? Karate is not a seasonal Sport! It is a Life Skill. The commitment is only 2 classes a week, thirty minutes to a one hour a class. That’s two hours a week to start. With seven days in a week and twenty four hours in a day, using the excuse “It is not convenient for us to make an effort” is just that…an excuse.

AmeriKick Martial Arts has the best children’s, teen and adult programs. They have multiple locations and they are ready for the “School Season”.

Pick up the phone and call to schedule an appointment to start your child in the best program of their life.


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