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Holiday Family Fit Gift!

Greetings, Parents!

My name is Sensei Vlad, and I’m looking forward to having your family training at our AmeriKick Martial Arts School for the New Year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (718) 524-0244 or email me at I have listed some useful information about our programs and upcoming events, below.

$99 for 1 Month of Lessons for the Entire Family
I would like to invite you and your family to our school’s Amazing Karate and Kickboxing programs. Come in and learn about how we can help your child develop a stronger future for themselves through Discipline, and Leadership. Why have your child follow someone in the near future, when they can learn to become future leaders. Why keep telling yourselves “I’ll get back to the gym in January” or “I’ll sign up to a gym when I get fit”. Take the next step and leap into our amazing karate and kickboxing classes. Let us help you develop your kids to become future leaders and let us get you into proper shape and mindset.

Date: December 1st – December 23rd
Time: 1 full month from the day you and your family begin your program.
Location: 341-A Sand Lane
Included: Free Uniforms, gloves and earned belts for the entire Family ($150 value)
2 classes a week for the entire family for 1 full month ($300-$456 Value)

Class Schedule
Here is a schedule of our daily classes. Please click on the link

Thank you for your help and support. I know it will be a fun and successful year for you and your family. I look forward to meeting you at our AmeriKick Martial Arts School.

Best regards,

Sensei Vlad
AmeriKick Martial Arts
341A Sand Lane
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 524-0244


Halloween Safety Seminar!!

Every year children are reported missing on Halloween. There are steps that you can take to help your family stay safe from abduction.

  1. Since almost everyone will have costumes, you should have a password that you tell your kids to memorize just in case they get mixed up with another child. For instance; the password is “Scooby Doo went to the moon”; child got lost by accident, but remembers the password. A stranger comes over and tells him your parents are waiting for you over there, Child answers “what’s the password? They obviously will not know it and make something up, “turtle”.. Child remembers that the password is “Scooby Do went to the moon”, and runs to someone for help.
  2. Teach your kids what to do if they get lost: “if you get lost run inside a store and ask for help from someone with a “uniform” (people who work there).  “Please help someone is trying to take me away, that’s not my mom/dad”.
  3. Make sure your kids know their parent’s phone number:  If they get lost and ask for help, they will need to know the phone number that they can reach you on.  Since majority of parents have cell phones, and are often not home during the day and or night time (on special occasions), it would be best for your kids to know your cell phone number.
  4. It is very important that your child learns how to get around their own neighborhood. Just in case they get lost.
  5. Have a very close relationship with some neighbors so your kids have friends to go trick or treating with. Do NOT let your kids go Trick or Treating Alone!!  It is best to go with group of people.
  6. If your kids have cell phone’s make sure they take them along. If they lose it don’t be upset at them, the situation could be a lot worse.
  7. Teach your kids their House Address!
  8. Teach them how important it is to call 911!
  9. Be sure to take them to a Karate Classes at the very least 2x a week at AmeriKick!!!
  10. AmeriKick has award winning classes for kids and adults.

Pick your location and call to set up a introductory lesson.