Why is it important to keep kids active during the summer?

Many kids during the school year study real hard, however, once summer comes around if kids do not have something to do… many will be stuck on the TV screen or on their game consoles.
It is imperative that you get your kids out of the house and into hands-on outdoor and indoor activities. Summer Camps are an amazing way to keep them active, however many cannot afford them.
Another great way to keep your kids active all summer long and building their discipline and self confidence is through Karate. Some part time karate school will be closed during the summer time; however, many like AmeriKick Martial Arts in Staten Island are open all year round. They have Karate Summer Camps that include indoor and outdoor activities; from karate, gymnastics to weapons classes. Going on trips from the parks, beaches to museums and so much more.
Best of all after summer camp is over, AmeriKick in Staten Island has regular evening classes. Starting the kids off from ages 3 and up. They have amazing karate programs for kids and an awesome adult karate/mma/Ladies kickboxing program as well.
AmeriKick Martial Arts is located at 341A Sand Lane in Staten island, N.Y. 10305. They can be reached by phone at (718) 524-0244, by Email:
You can also visit them on the web:

Read their students testimonials and see what others have to say about their experience at AmeriKick.

Don’t let your kids stay home this summer; get them into a karate summer program.
Staten Islad Kids Sumemr Camp
Give your kids an early start to success!

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Parent’s, does your child lose focus within Minutes? What can you do?

It is very hard to understand how kids act and react at certain points in their life long journey to becoming mature. For instance, in classrooms kid’s tend to wonder off into a daze imagining things instead of listening and taking notes. However, given a Math problem, doing spin kicks or playing their Xbox, their mind goes to work. Fingers start moving, their focus and awareness is at its max etc..

Why do kids lose focus, when and how to get their attention back and keep it:

After teaching over 1,000+ at AmeriKick Martial Arts, it stereotypically seems to be  that kids only focus longer on things that are interesting (eye-catching, physical fast movements and mind exercising materials) . 

For home chore’s and homework related activities, you should add a goal to their finish (a prize of some sort; if it no longer works, it’s time to put your kids into karate).  Remember, the prize doesn’t have to be something big or expensive, but something that is very big in value to your kid’s. (Your not going to karate, I’m telling sensei that you are failing in school, thus not graduating to your new belt, etc)  These are sentimental values that mean the world to your kids.   Our student’s receive achievement stripes for doing chores at home, academic stripes for high grades in school. Give your kids what they want and need: Karate, self-confidence and discipline!

Public and private schools teach kids about book smarts, we teach our students about LIFE smart! Karate is NOT a seasonal sport, it is a LIFE Lesson!

Give your child and early start to success, call us at AmeriKick Martial Arts in Staten Island today to schedule your qualification course at 718.524.0244.  You can also visit our website to manually schedule your 1st class. We also have 3 school in Brooklyn (address is on the website)

Early Start to Success
Qualification Course

Defend yourself against Street Attack’s

Some of us, if not many have already experienced an attack outside. And other’s may be a victim of an attack one day.  Hopefully not! No one should be waiting until it happens to them before they decide to take lesson’s to prevent it from happening again.

I’ve personally have been in more than 3 street attacks. 2 of which were group attack’s.  Thank god I’ve been taking karate lesson’s and did wrestling for a few year.  I’ve taken a few seminar’s from Knife to multiple attackers to verbal argument.  All instructor’s have said the same thing, “don’t make the situation work!”

Sensei Alan Romero is an amazing instructor. I’ve learned my knife self defenses and street attack self defenses through him.  I just wish I’ve known what I know now when I was attacked.  Now I feel more confident and more alert about what is going on around me; for instance: If someone asked me for the time at 2:00 am in the morning (night-time), I  would consider myself am an idiot for replying. Or if someone asks you if you speak english, or if you have $ so i can get my baby some milk? don’t answer, RUN the other way. Who doesn’t have a phone, or a watch on them now a days? These type of questions are a welcoming sign to an attack waiting to happen.

This is such a small thing, however, it had saved me from a few encounters.

On Friday, May 13th 2011, Sensei Alan Romero will be teaching a Street Attack’s Self Defense Seminar at AmeriKick Staten Island. The address is 341A Sand Lane, Staten Island NY 10305. The seminar begins at 7:15pm and ends at 8:45pm. The Fee is $25 per person, $20 each for 2 or more friends/family members. Wear comfortable clothes (no karate uniform.

Every adult is encouraged to make this event. Do it for yourself, and do it for the people who love you.  This seminar is open to the public, invite your husband, wife, kids (ages 13+) please, co workers, bosses, etc.

Call 718.524.0244 to reserve your spot. You can visit our website: to take self-defense classes. Please leave a reply with your comment’s. You are encouraged to Share this post with your friends and family.


Staten Island Kids Summer Camp

best fun ever.

Don’t let electronic games and gadgets occupy your child this summer when they could be building their minds and bodies at AmeriKick Karate Summer Skills Camp. AmeriKick offers a variety of programs for children of all ages and ability levels with specialized programs for beginners.

This summer enroll your child to AmeriKick Summer Skills Camp and watch them develop the Life Skills of confidence, respect and discipline. Watch them grow stronger, healthier, Confident and more Motivated than ever. Give them the tools to succeed. Give them the AmeriKick edge.

Camp Weeks: July 11-15, July 18-22, July 25-29, Aug 1-5, Aug 8-12, Aug 15-19, Aug 22-26, Aug 29 – Sep 2

Currently 10% OFF